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When a client commissions us for a project, it usually opens the door to advice and guidance on other issues bubbling beneath the surface.  

At Atlas Identity, we don’t just come in to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. We talk to you, learn about your business goals, your customer and employee needs, and we use our knowledge and experience to build relationships. If we can advise you in a way that frames a sustainable future for the security of your business, then we have succeeded.

An international FinTech client sanctioned us to assist with an employee project. As an existing Okta user with a very capable IT department, they required access to Atlas Identity’s expertise and experience to migrate an existing custom HR Source into something that works ‘out of the box’ with Okta.

This is their 4 step journey with Atlas Identity…


The first conversations are the most important. We investigate and listen to the project at hand, including ‘Where are you now’ discussions. We worked with the client on: 

  • A requirements analysis 
  • Application discovery 
  • Identity and Access Management (IdAM) benchmarking
  • Development of their IdAM strategy 

Expert guidance

After the initial assessment, we opened the conversation to some of the options available based on the size and capability of their company: 

  • Enablement
  • Feasibility analysis 
  • Adding Single Sign-On (SSO) 
  • Solution options 
  • Project triage
  • Conducted demos 

At this point in our journey with the client, we offered some options and solutions, but most importantly, we paused here to assess the pros and cons as well as the cost. (At Atlas Identity, we would rather the client chose the correct solution for the size and capability of their business. If there is a better option elsewhere, we are honest and upfront.)

Once we understood the client’s long-term goals, design assistance was provided regarding ways to optimise user sourcing (from the existing HR Source) and user provisioning to downstream applications.

Time to deploy

This is where we took all those learnings and got to work knitting together the objectives, creating a solution with all applications that needed to be connected to the HR system. 

  • Agreed the deliverables 
  • Solution design 
  • Initial platform set-up
  • Enable platform features 
  • Application deploy – build and manage 

Trusted Maintenance

We are now on hand to ensure the processes and technology combined together, work with our client for the long term. Teething issues were rectified, and confidence is now maintained with the solution as it is adopted across the business. 

  • Fixing issues 
  • Root cause analysis 
  • Deploy fixes in live 
  • Vendor escalation 
  • Platform maintenance 

Today, this multi-national FinTech company has a Human Resource system which drives access decisions based on live and trusted employee data. Users are now given their appropriate access in real-time, based on their role. Several applications were onboarded with our assistance and some small issues were identified and resolved along the way. The IT desk are no longer swamped with access request tickets, proving another notable example of how an ‘out of the box’ solution has integrated seamlessly versus the previous custom design. 

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