Atlas Identity Highlights: Automating partner access to a music streaming platform

At Atlas Identity, we love ironing out problems for our clients in a timely and advantageous way. Among our eclectic client base are insurance companies, food delivery companies and music publishers, and it’s a global music publisher that we have chosen to highlight here. This client came to us for assistance with linking users of the Audiomack Monetization Platform (AMP) and their Okta solution, in real-time. They specifically wanted to avoid the development of any custom software and therefore significant on-going solution maintenance. We put forward a no-code solution, delivered and supported by Okta.

What’s AMP?
Audiomack Monetization Platform (AMP) helps artists and managers make meaningful connections from performance data. Artists can understand where their music is trending around the world, how it’s being streamed, where it’s getting radio airplay and appearing on charts.

The challenge
Initially the requirement seemed simple to achieve, as the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system used by the AMP platform to manage customer data, was supported out-of-the-box by Okta. However, the custom way in which the CRM system was built and used, meant that the ‘standard’ Okta connector was not feasible. As a result, a custom integration needed to be built. Neither Atlas Identity nor the client felt that a customer-hosted and custom developed integration was appropriate, as this would add a significant on-going maintenance challenge. Instead, Okta Workflows was used to provide the required bridge between AMP and Okta, in a no-code and easier to maintain manner.

Ironing out the creases
Atlas Identity designed and delivered a series of Okta Workflows to manage customer data through its lifecycle (e.g., user creation, modification, and removal). This solution was successfully delivered, and no significant issues were encountered during early life support. The Atlas Identity project team also worked with the client to introduce an enhanced user search capability between Okta and the CRM system, including a reporting function for AMP users highlighting account activation metrics.

Added value
The client now has in place a fully automated data feed between AMP and Okta, which requires users to only be managed ‘at source’ directly in the AMP platform. From an AMP user’s viewpoint, this solution means they gain immediate access to the AMP platform as soon as the necessary onboarding steps have been completed (legal and data gathering). Our client can now focus on growing their business, knowing that this key customer identity process will work seamlessly and securely, whilst Okta supports and maintains the solution in the background.

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