Subject Matter Experts

Atlas Identity is an independent consultancy that specialises in the delivery of Cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, and associated system integrations. 

Customer Promise

We always use a straight-bat at Atlas Identity. If it’s just advice or a steer in the right direction, we are happy to help. If it’s a decision on how a product can be best used to suit you, we will cover all the bases. If it’s a huge change in direction that your business requires, we have different packages and products delivered by SMEs to suit your needs.

If a decision is not in your company’s best interests we’ll tell you. If an approach to a solution is better and also cheaper, we’ll definitely tell you.

Why Cloud Only?

We believe that specialising in identity services provided ‘as a service’, means we are able to deliver systems that give maximum value to our clients. We are able to complete projects in weeks, rather than months from project initiation, offering rapid and tangible value.


Atlas Identity are based in the UK. We work primarily with customers in EMEA and around the world. Some of the largest organisations around the globe are our customers, but we also work with charities and start-ups and span many different sectors including Retail, the Music Industry, Marketing, Insurance, Sport & Hospitality. Everyone needs identity services, both large and small, it’s the challenges of identity management that are universal.  



If there is an Identity or Access Management topic that you’re struggling with, or simply considering, please do ping it over to us in an email and we would be happy to give you our impartial and free advice.