The Value of an Experienced Identity Partner

Identity-as-a-service platforms like Okta are focused on enabling rapid delivery and adoption, and rapid time to value for their customers. Not all organisations are initially in a place to take advantage of these benefits. The shortfall predominantly falls into the following three areas:

  1. The target ‘end state’, or even the ‘art of the possible’, may not be clear
  2. There may be multiple legacy systems or processes that need to be unravelled
  3. The target applications do not support modern identity standards.

We are renowned for delivering end-to-end identity transformation programmes, building upon extensive experience to support our clients, at whatever stage of identity maturity they reside.  Generali needed such a partner.


The Challenge

When we were contacted by Generali, it was found that they were experiencing all three of the common challenges outlined above.  Generali wanted take advantage of new digital services internally. Digital innovation was of high importance for their customers and partners. There was a willingness to modernise the identity processes of several platforms using a trusted off-the-shelf service such as Okta.  However, the client’s existing legacy infrastructure was not ready to support the new identity service, there were several key applications with no SSO capability at all, and multiple manual processes that needed to be transformed.

Generali decided to move forward by centralising around Okta and modernising their existing identity processes, and Atlas Identity provided a clear roadmap for how this was to be achieved.


The Results

The new Okta Identity service was deployed for Generali Partners accessing the GenE-Risk underwriting platform, as well as Insurance Brokers accessing the Generali Global Corporate Client Portal. Both services were supported with a full test/preview and production environment.  

Additionally, a parallel Okta Identity service was deployed for Generali employees to provide access to a range of internal applications including the client-facing Okta orgs/tenants. From this solid foundation additional workforce, partner and customer facing-applications now had a trusted and highly capable Identity service to move onto, and a repeatable onboarding process that could be extended to include them now and in the future. 

“Atlas Identity have been doing a fantastic job for us – helping us with the approach, strategy and implementation of our Single Sign-on implementation, using OKTA and providing prompt and efficient service when required”

Yanna Winter
CIO & Head of IT





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