Integrating OneLogin and Zapier

At Atlas Identity we love working with Identity-As-A-Service platforms. They provide organisations with a really a rapid way to get up and running with a fantastic set of enterprise-grade Identity and Access Management capabilities (IDAM). One of the best aspects of these services is that they help organisations avoid a big trap that many fall into, which is to take an IDAM software product and customize it to within an inch of its life. This results in a product that only one or two of your people understand, if you’re lucky, and certainly not the vendor. Cue support issues and a really expensive tool to maintain.

One downside however of using such a commoditized and uniform service as the major IDaaS platforms in the market, is that the integration you’re probably looking for, with that SaaS app that your company loves, is most likely not going to be supported. So, do you pay the IDaaS vendor for that feature you want, thereby undoing many of the advantages of the SaaS model, or stand-up parallel tools – also not great.

At Atlas Identity we’ve seen this challenge and we’ve decided to try and do something about it. We’re doing this by leveraging the fantastic SaaS API platform ‘Zapier’. Zapier has a massive stack of API connectors (or Zaps) for all the popular SaaS applications. Zapier provides these Zaps to its users so that they can automate useful tasks within a workflow.

For companies like ours, Zapier provides a great framework for spinning up new integrations. So to help organisations have their cake and eat it, by enjoying the benefits of IDaaS platforms whilst integrating with the apps they need to run their business, we’re building a batch of Zapier integrations for the major IDaaS apps, starting off with OneLogin. Our OneLogin-Zapier integration will allow you to do cool stuff like:

  • Create a OneLogin user automatically whenever a customer signs up for your service
  • Automatically disable, or simply downgrade, a customer’s access within OneLogin if their subscription to your service expires
  • Automatically create a ticket in ServiceNow whenever a problem crops up in OneLogin that needs some further investigation

At the moment we’re just finishing off some final testing on this integration. If you’d like to join our beta program, or just know a little more about how it could potentially help you, just ping us an email over at [email protected].

Stay tuned for further updates on this integration, plus info on the other Zapier integrations that we have planned for this year.

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